The “Happiest Place on Earth”


Every summer thousands of tourist plan their summer vacations to world famous destinations: the Eiffel tower, the Great Pyramids and of course we cannot forget “The happiest place on earth,” Disneyland. However, there is a little-known place that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourist every August; yet it is not for its world famous monuments, tasty cuisine or fun-packed amusements parks. What attracts hundreds of thousands to this place can be described in one word: peace.
This is how the faithful of the Light of the World Church describe a small township in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara called the Beautiful Province (Hermosa Provincia). For 77 years, the members of The Light of the World Church have reunited in the Beautiful Province to celebrate their most important celebration known as the Holy Supper, which is the commemoration of the redemptive sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The International Director of the Light of the World Church, the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia, invited the devotees to the week long convocation where faithful from over 50 nations gathered for the annual celebration. This year, the Holy Supper, which is held on August 14, reunited over half a million devotees of the 6 million worldwide. Here the believers took part of the bread and vine that signify the “body of Christ,” as they remembered the sacrifice that Jesus Christ suffered for love of the world.
Multitudes, fully dressed in white, filled the streets of the Beautiful Province. Hymns of joy could be heard from every corner of the province, choral groups from adults to children, and even the hearing impaired walk around the streets inspiring spiritual joy and unity. But why does this place inspire peace to so many believers? Rebecca Arcos, a believer and Executive Director of the La Luz del Mundo Family Services in Milwaukee, Wis., said “Being here brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the heart and soul because one can sense the presence of God through the love and unity in all the brethren, to me this is the happiest place on earth.”
All the houses in the province within a 5 block radius are painted white, in the center of the province is Mexico’s and Latin Americas largest temple with an architectural design which has been described to look like a brides white wedding gown. The main entrance leads to the Samuel Joaquin Flores Walk (SJF Walk) which has over 20 identical white houses on each side. At night, the Temple and the SJF Walk can be seen from miles due to the colorful light show it displays every night. Although it is the spiritual peace that drives so many faithful to the Beautiful Province many non-believers are driven to the province to see its stunning architecture and its one of a kind community.

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