Fifty-three Nations Welcomed in Guadalajara


August 9, 2010 -Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico:
Once every year the most anticipated sites in Mexico are no longer the beaches of Cancun or the historical Mayan ruins but the site of a loving hug between an Israeli and a Palestine brother, the heartfelt tears of an American and an African sister, and the warm embrace among 500,000 faithful of the Light of the World church reunited in the International Temple Headquarters of The Light of the World Church in the township of the Beautiful Province in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Hundreds of thousands of faithful gathered as the president of the religious association, the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia, welcomed their national and international delegations that traveled from over 50 countries to partake of the Holy Convocation -the feast that commemorates the redemptive sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
From the first hours of the day, an atmosphere of spiritual festivity lived in the township of the Beautiful Province. The streets were overflowed with the faithful that were divided amongst three main sites in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, where they were given the welcome to the Holy Convocation 2015. National and international choral societies of the church sang hymns of worship causing the spiritual joy of the members who filled the temples and the streets that surround the main sites .
Prior to the religious ceremony a social act was carried out where federal, state and municipal authorities welcomed the delegates from over 50 countries of Africa, North and South America, Asia, Europe and Australia; continents where the church has grown significantly thanks to the work of worldwide evangelization.
The mayor of Guadalajara, Ramiro Hernández García, spoke at the social ceremony where he told those attending the Holy Convocation: “Guadalajara is globally recognized as one of the cities that is characterized by its hospitality and respect for freedoms. For Guadalajara, your visit is a great opportunity to endorse what has been built over many years, for generations: hospitality.”
The Director of Ministers of Cult of the Secretary of State, Humberto Villagrán Paz, , welcomed the believers on behalf of President Enrique Peña Nieto, recognizing that The Light of the World Church is a serious institution with great responsibility, which is duly incorporated as a religious association. ”
Among the guests who attended the welcoming ceremony Jaime Rodriguez Calderon, elected Governor of the State of Nuevo Leon, said. “When I entered the first street, I felt happy. How the people here, sitting, watching, are in such an orderly manner, if only all Mexico could be like this. You have a mission, invade the world, do it, that is your mission. ”
At the end of the social ceremony the Apostle Naason Joaquin Garcia appeared before the crowd that awaited him, causing spiritual joy in the faithful of the Church who saw him.
The first words of the Apostle of Jesus Christ were addressed to the authorities of the three levels of government who attended the event, as well as for the services provided for the realization of the Holy Convocation -in which he said took place in an atmosphere of harmony and respect but also in compliance with the biblical command of Romans 13.1. It was at that moment when he reiterated his commitment to continue to pray for the governmental authorities, so that God may permit them to carry out their charge with great success.
Furthermore, the international director of The Light of The World Church highlighted the fulfillment of the promises of God, who has promised that the Church must grow and be multiplied, something that was possible to verify during the development of the welcoming ceremony where they announced the conquest of Germany, Belgium and Sweden, three new nations that confirm the fulfillment of the promise of growth God made to Naason Joaquin the day of his calling.
As the Apostle addressed the faithful of the countries where the church is present, he said with evident fervor: “The main reason why you and I are at this time and in this place, is to come to commemorate His death, His redeeming death, the death that opened the roads to salvation, the death that broke the veil and allowed us to have fellowship with our God. Today we come to tell the whole world that Christ did not die and remained nailed to a cross. Today, at this meeting we come to scream to the world that Christ lives and reigns forever.”
At the end of the reunion, when all the delegates were inside the temple, the Apostle of God said to the members of the Church of the Lord, “with all my heart I greet you with a fatherly welcome.” Then a loving embrace among those attending the meeting sealed the Holy Convocation.

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